June 18th, 2024



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Wheat Straw & Alfalfa Blend

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USA Production

Grade Wheat Straw / Alfalfa Mix 50/50
Packaging Double Compressed Half-Cut Bale (30Kg), Double Compressed Full Bale (60Kg), Log Bale (100Kg), MACX Bale Sleeve (450Kg), Single Press
Shipping USA - West Coast: 40' high cube or 40' standard sea container, bulk-loaded, or UNIPACX®

More about Wheat Straw & Alfalfa Blend

Wheat Straw & Alfalfa Blend Grass hay and roughage products are sometimes blended with alfalfa to provide a viable feed alternative at a reduced cost to the end-user. All blended product must be processed through a shredder to ensure a consistent blend as opposed to a product mix. A thorough blend every time is essential. Only approved grass hay and straw products should be used for blending.